Sunday, February 26, 2012

AAPL: Time to sell your used iPAD 2?

Prices for the iPad 2 will fall as the official launch date for the iPad 3 — widely expected to be March 7 — edges closer, experts say. Consumers can expect to see a steep decline in value in the two to three weeks prior to the unveiling of the newer device, says Mark LoCastro, spokesman for sale aggregator site “You’ll receive a higher resale value for your used device if you part with it now, rather than waiting for the newer generation to be announced,” he says.
The re-sale price follows the same trajectory as the iPhone, experts say. As reported, the iPhone 4 declined 20% to 25% in value on re-sale sites during the immediate launch period of the iPhone 4S, but this leveled out as the excitement over the launch subsided. The iPad 2 will likely experience a similar percentage decline after the iPad 3 is announced, says Ashley Halberstadt, a spokeswoman for re-sale site That said, LoCastro says re-sale sites want to offer aggressive pricing now in order to buy up as many units as possible while people are looking to sell — so he doesn’t rule out an uptick in price on the day the iPad 3 is announced.
However, if Apple decides to continue selling the iPad 2 at a discount alongside the spanking new iPad 3, the re-sale market for old tablets will experience an even bigger hit, LoCastro says. “This is just a rumor and many are skeptical, but if it proves true the trade-in value for your used iPad 2 will immediately plummet,” he says. (Apple did not respond to requests for comment.) That said, the value of Wi-Fi only iPads typically hold up better on the re-sale market because they don’t involve buyers taking out a two-year data plan, Halberstadt says.


  1. We all know the iPad 2. Sure, it's great, but it's about time someone cut that smug slate down to size. You know, give it the ol' sucker punch before the iPad 3 comes out and turns us into drooling fanboys again.
    The Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime is up for the challenge. It has the beauty (polished metal construction), the brawn (Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor), and the brains (Android 4.0) to make the iPad feel a little out of its league.
    Failing that, Asus gave the Transformer Prime a secret weapon--a snap-on keyboard dock with an extended battery.
    Are you starting to feel bad for the iPad? Good. It's about time that fancy-pants started to feel less than invincible.

  2. * When you went to an investment conference in 1989, everybody owned Japanese stocks.
    * And in 2000, everybody owned tech stocks.
    That is the bubble, when the majority of market participants own an asset.
    * I think there are more people that own Apple stock than gold.