Monday, May 16, 2011

Why Solar Stocks now - LDK IPO and Fukushima lesson

News from today: Japan moves people beyond bigger Fukushima no-go zone

Residents have been moved further away from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant as the no-go zone is extended and repair works are halted.

Japanese engineers have abandoned their latest attempt to stabilize a stricken reactor at the Fukushima plant.
The power plant was badly damaged by the earthquake and tsunami on 11 March.
A wider evacuation zone was decided upon last month as radiation levels were expected to increase, making the move necessary.
The towns are more than 30km from the Fukushima plant, which is continuing to leak radioactive material.
Japan is to reconsider plans to increase its reliance on nuclear power in the wake of the crisis at the Fukushima plant
More than 80,000 local residents living within a 20km radius of the plant have been evacuated from their homes.
Agriculture and businesses have been hit and there is no timescale yet for allowing residents to return, although a small group were allowed inside the no-go zone briefly on Tuesday to gather belongings.
Total compensation claims are not yet known, but analysts say they may be more than $100bn.
Nuclear plants currently supply about 30% of Japan's electricity.
Addressing a news conference: "The current basic energy policy envisages that over 50% of total electricity supply will come from nuclear power while more than 20% will come from renewable power in 2030," Mr Kan- Japan Prime Minister said.
According to UN:

Renewable Energy Could Power 80% of the World by 2050
The link is below:
So no doubt Solar Companies would shine
Please pay attention to LDK today with  Deutsche is lead for LDK $1 BILLION IPO


  1. China Stocks May Go Crazy in Second Half 2011
    China stocks LDK,DANG,CHL, JKS, TSL, YGE are extremly oversold and GS chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Jim O'Neill,said on 15/05 at a ceremony for Goldman Sachs in Beijing, very encouraging words for a big rally in China-based stocks and a general global stock market rally in the second half of 2011.
    4 of 6 stocks mentioned by Jim O'Neill are from Solar Sector

  2. Yingli, one of the largest producers of solar equipment, expects to triple China's contribution to its revenue to 11 percent to 13 percent in 2011.
    The Chinese government is planning 10 GW and 50 GW of installation targets by 2015 and 2020, respectively, the company said.

  3. Bullish View on LDK Solar
    LDK stock value $6.18 is extremly undervalued.
    In worst case scenario the stock price should be at least doubled.
    See also:

  4. Today June 11, 3 months from Fukushima disaster, would be mass demonstration in Tokyo to ban use of nuclear power plants in Japan.
    Our choice is to invest in companies like LDK Solar or like Teisco Electric ( Tokyo - Fukushima)?
    My choice is Solar!